Should china be responsible for the end of birthright citizenship ?


Last month, Donald Trump was inveighing against immigrants from the Chinese hierarchy society in the speech. He claims:’’ I just realized the birth tourism is a big industry and many of them come from China. China now is No.1, we are not just talking about Latina America, South America, and Mexico. We talk about China. Think of it, you are enemy of our country, you are dictator who we hate and you against us. Then that dictator, his wife has a baby on American soil. Congratulations, your son and daughter are now American citizens. Does anybody think this makes any sense? ‘

Some who come to the U.S. to give birth find themselves in less than ideal situations (in terms of housing and medical care) and may even be putting their babies at medical risk. But, for the wealthy among them, birth tourism can be a luxurious semi-vacation and an investment in the future for their children and their families. Spending up to $80,000 for birth tourism packages advertised online, to guarantee their baby have United States passports.

ICE officials have raided “birth hotels” in California and have been reported that at Los Angeles International Airport, CBP has been tightening security particularly for pregnant Chinese women who are trying to enter the country.

One of the biggest advantages of having a U.S. citizen child is that once that child reaches the age of 21, he or she could sponsor for a Green Card the parents who “gave” the child U.S. citizenship in the first place. That family unity benefit, called “chain migration” by Trump

Many people might think Donald Trump is bluffing, his words count nothing. But those claims above are absolutely true based on the report from our investigation team in China. Our investigation team also collected enough evidence to indicate those Chinese birth tourism companies are systematically organized and operated by Chinese government official members, such as police station, military families, party members and powerful hierarchy people from China. Birth tourism is a good way to generate income for them and it also could be used to send spies to ‘Enemy’ countries, in order to monitoring ‘valuable’ target and doing money laundering to hide their dirty money from China.

The investigation is going on and to be continued